Bryan Bland

Anyone fortunate enough to bird Guatemala will profit greatly from this book, “Aves Emblemáticas de Guatemala”.  And if you’re still having trouble making up your mind about visiting that country and its wonderful birds, take a look at Aves:  you’ll be buying a plane ticket within hours, I promise!!    Rick Wright

I’m an unabashed Guatemala fan. After three visits, the birding, splendid as it is, is almost incidental; when I think of Guatemala, the images that flood the mind are of people, architecture, landscapes, food–I’m quite simply fond of it all, and the birds are a wonderful bonus.

Guatemala is one of those rare birding destinations that cater to all tastes. There’s hiking in the uplands, puddlewatching on the fields, and temptingly comfortable accommodations from which one can look up from a book or a cup of coffee to enjoy, oh,White-collared Seedeaters and Blue-tailed Hummingbirds just off the porch. Unbeatable!