About Guatemala

GUATEMALA, “The Land of the Eternal Spring” is characterized by the hospitality of its people. Country of color, contrast and culture! Land with towering volcanoes, bright flowers, brilliant textiles, enigmatic ruins and living Mayan culture, Guatetemala is one of the world’s most unique travel destinations. You will soon realize why Guatemala is the “Heart of the Mayan World”


42,000 square miles and is at the northern end of Central America isthmus. It borders Mexico to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea and Belize to the east and El Salvador and Honduras to the south. The country is comprised of majestic mountains and volcanoes, temperature plateaus, tropical plains, near-desert river valleys, lowland jungles and swamps.


16.000,000 aprox.




Catholic 60%. Protestants 30%


No safety. Get water bottles




The dry season is from October to early May, and the rainy from late May until the end of September. Temperatures are usually very mild and vary little during the year. The average high temperature is 77F and the low 55F


Quetzal, named for the national bird. CREDIT CARDS: Most major credit card are accepted by hotels, restaurants and shops in Guatemala City and most of the tourism areas, but in the small shops and rural area it’s recommendable pay with dollars cash. Traveler’s checks can be exchanged at most banks.


Most goods and services are subject to a 12% value added tax (IVA). Hotels also have an additional 10% tax




While in Guatemala City and the highlands area wear spring clothing and a sweater at night. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. At archeological sites, beaches and the lowlands, light-colored, light-weight, all cotton clothing is recommended while on tours or at the beach.


virtually everywhere you go in Guatemala, you’ll find a dazzling assortment of handmade arts and crafts. No trip to Guatemala is complete without several hours spent shopping in local market, where you’ll find lovely, unique items for your home, as well as some great souvenirs.

National Holydays

  • January 1st. – NEW YEAR´S DAY
  • May 1st – LABOR DAY
  • June 30th. – ARMY DAY
  • August 15th. – GUATEMALA CITY
  • September 15th. – INDEPENDENCE DAY
  • October 20th – REVOLUTION OF 1944
  • November 1st. – ALL SAITN´S DAY
  • December 24th – CHRISTMAS EVE (Mid-day)
  • December 25th – CHRISTMAS DAY
  • December 31 NEW YEAR EVE (Mid-day)